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By Maria Baker

Animals are more like humans and respond to touch. This has led to use of Animal Reiki in the treatment of sick animals and pets. The method involves a gentle touch that is physical contact with the animal, especially pets with the aim of calming it and treating a disorder. Animals love the therapy and it works for them as it develops the relationship between the animal and practitioner.

The therapy is recommended for all animals and pets, especially when the owner senses change in behavior habits. The quicker this therapy is offered, the quicker the return to general health and balance. The sick and stressed animals change their temperament, excretion, eating pattern, and general malaise. The therapy comforts the sick animals and relief from pain, especially through massage. By placing hands on the animal, they are relieved from fear and anxiety.

The treatment will handle behavior issues by reducing stress and promoting relaxations. The offers calming effects to pets and will make them more receptive to training and behavior modification. In training, touches to pets usually transfer energy from the healer to the pet and build some trust between them. Gentle touches will restore trust in the animal that has some history of linking touches to hurt.

This therapy also promotes fast healing after surgery or sickness. This therapy alleviates and reduces side effects of conventional medications involved in the treatment like the antibiotics and pain killers. It provides pain relief and calmness to promote body natural healing response. Massaging the pet as a post-operation service makes it calm and reduces unnecessary movements to give the wound time to heal. It also reliefs pain from injections.

Usually, animals become easily hurt during jumping, playing, and when trying to dissipate an energetic feeling by running around the field. If any injury occurs, you can provide this therapy to reduce swelling and excessive transfer of fluid to the injured area. This reduces pressure on the wound and the injured area, which increases the energy flow to the injured area. This promotes quick healing and reduces chances of permanent damage to the tissues.

Normally, the treatment is used in rescuing wildlife, calming the hard to reach, and handling animals. A misplaced wildlife can respond positively to a gentle touch as it calms down and can be tamed or taken to the orphanage easily.

Some animals that are hard to reach and handle relaxes after the therapy since fear and anxiety are reduced showing trust to man after the treatment. The animals are easily tamed after the therapy because the temperaments are balanced and they learn to associate gentle touch with relief. As a result, they can adjust to the new environment.

On the other hand, the therapy facilitates in transferring the animal from one structure to another, as well as the introduction to new roomies, especially for pets. It also relieves the animals from effects of arthritis and other draining conditions. Those animals suffering from bloat can be treated through this treatment method successfully. The method is cheap as no drugs are involved, and it is also organic and has no side effects to the animals.

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