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By Kevin Graham

Though nicotine is amongst the most addictive substances, addiction to love is even worse than getting addicted to love. Often times, love addictions develop to become a disease, riskier than cancer. There are claims of it being blind because most people never realize when they fall in love.Love Addiction Therapy will, therefore, give remedy to those that suffer the addiction.

Basically, the addiction is instantaneous. The parties involved may not be able to control themselves and will tend to attract the partners that avoid them. They usually suffer the fear of rejection hence become ready to die to avoid rejection. They will opt to spend bad days with their partners as opposed to good days with another individual. Though gravity remains unaccountable for affection, some strong nuclear forces remain responsible for holding such bonds created between two individuals and makes it like it a disease.

The extent of dependence is comparable to other modes of dependence and therapy aids in relief. The dependence can be said to be psychological and therapies give effective remedies. Often times, childhood experiences such as trauma are the effects.

The sick person exhibits self-harming behaviors. They will not abandon their partners to the extremes of abuse and torture. They remain unresolved in quitting the relationship even if they are abused. They always get back to the partners that abuse them and emotionally mishandle them.

Such people will abandon their family and friends to pursue romantic relationships. They will also tend to misconceive sex for affection and rely on it to lure their partner and keep them interested. They will suffer depression when not in the relationship. This hence gives them a second home and even searches for new romantic partners will arrive at abusive partners. They remain largely unhappy in their romantic relationships and usually engage in dangerous sexual behaviors that later cause other addictions. Also, they will experience unexplainable physical aches and engage in unhealthy habits to aid in coping with emotional pain.

In treating the condition, talk therapy is used to help the emotional people resolve the problem. This is by making them understand their thoughts and beliefs, as well as transforming them to be more positive and helpful. Talking helps the addict to cope with the craving for risky situations by avoiding and controlling the urge. The process is non-formal as this form of dependence is not clinically termed as a disease, which makes the therapy cheap but effective.

The treatment can be said to be beneficial. Individuals will develop spontaneous decision-making habits rather than reliance on previous experiences. This makes the person free of their imprisonments and becomes more willing for nature to take its course unlike forcing their ways. They may have to let go without even worrying.

They also lose interest in conflicts and avoid conflict-based affections. When their obsessive character fades, they will develop genuineness and utilize their time in interacting with friends and family members. They as well lose interest on judging others because they will be able to understand unique personalities and characters of the partners. They also stop judgmental habits and instead show contentment in their feelings towards nature and to people around them.

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