Ways Of Promoting Accommodations For ADHD Students

By Maria Roberts

There are several ways in which this special category of students can be assisted. They normally face challenges in various areas which makes their life somewhat difficult. Programs such as accommodations for ADHD have been set up for the good of these kids. Some of the methods in which they receive help are discussed below.

Promoting their social behavior is wise. They must learn how to relate with the rest of the children. Encouraging group work can offer a solution to this. Making them work and give results in teams will help them get used to associating with colleagues.

There are cases when the child lacks organization. They fail to know how to plan and organize themselves. Most of them will not keep track of papers, they will lose books or even forget completing their homework. Parents are supposed to supervise writing of assignments and see to it that they are done correctly and on time. Providing files or binders can be one way of ensuring that reading materials such as exam papers are not lost.

Their behavior can get tamed. It only needs patients and the right guidance. Those that are rude and stubborn can be corrected and taught the right manners. This can get done by rewarding well-mannered kids and making them learn from this experience. It is important that they learn to be respectful and obedient.

Their level of concentration is most of the times low. Any form of disruption will make them lose concentration. This often occurs during learning hours. When it comes to taking notes for example, assistance must be offered. Acknowledging their efforts when they make good notes can be very helpful. Assigning them role models who will guide them is also a good move.

They will require extra time so that they complete the assignments given. A good number of them are slow in handling tasks. An ample time has to be provided as well the needed assistance. Enough time to read and understand the questions will enable the answer the questions correctly. Too much work should be avoided as it promotes boredom. Assignments should be given in small portions that are manageable.

The classroom setup is a major contribution to distraction. It is wise that these pupils seat at the front near the tutor. This way, they will not strain to read whatever is written on the board. They will also clearly hear what is being taught. Chances of drifting away are therefore minimized. With the teacher keeping a close eye on them, they will try hard to concentrate as they can be asked any question at any time. Seating them next to a good role model is another solution too.

In summary, every person in the society is supposed to try support these kids. This can get done by following the above discussed points. Providing the right learning environment and working towards the success of these students. The list above is not exhaustive and further directions can be obtained from relevant sources. The tips outlined are however very useful.

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