The Implications Of Having A 504 Plan ADHD

By Amanda Hughes

There are many people with different medical conditions and disabilities. Some of them get these conditions when they are still young. Such people have it rough in their environment, especially at school. A 504 plan ADHD is important since it ensures the children are taken great care of by the requirements of the law. It is a legal enforcement which is meant to protect the interests of the victims.

It has been quite a nightmare for many parents and guardians who have affected children. ADHD is a genetic condition which is famously known for making its victims less responsive to the matters taking place in their environment. Moreover, they become very poor in relating socially. Therefore such people have not been getting the exact treatment and reception they expect from the rest of the members of a society.

Many other children end up discriminating and stigmatizing them. This creates a lot of devastation to the affected people. When the 504 plan comes in, it ensures that there is no such thing happening to the affected individuals. It advocates for their well-being and equal treatment just like the rest of the members of a school and classroom.

There is some extend some schools had gone of declining and denying intake of these victims. This was very frustrating as it denied the affected people the chance to study and better their skills. However, the case has been eased in the recent past since this plan took effect. Many schools are now considering the intake and admission of these people, without any discrimination or prejudice.

When one gets the terms of the plan executed in their favor, the cases of discrimination cease for the better. For instance, schools are making it unlawful for those children who mistreat and harass those who are affected in any way. This has instead promoted good reception for the fellows who are normal. They are all now showing hospitality to their classmates and friends who have the condition and working together.

They have taken their way of teaching a notch higher so as to favor the new individuals who have some problems. For example, they have to bring on board special teachers and mechanisms which will be of more relevance to the people living with ADHD and appeal to them the most. There are those who require learning through watching some videos since that is the most effective way they can be appealed to. However, the rest can be involved in class lessons since they can concentrate and listen to what is being taught.

They should be examined differently from the rest of the learners. This is because they do not relate things in the same manner. Some of them are brighter than others, and it is important to consider this. Therefore as some children with the condition who can manage to write down the answers, there are others who cannot do it, thus should be indulged in the oral examination.

Finally, it is a calling upon all guardians and parents to learn what the plan says. They should know exactly what they should advocate for in case of any discrimination accorded their children. They should know what the terms are all about and how to go about the whole matter.

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