Attending Readings Given By Psychic Mediums

By Edward Baker

A few very special individuals have the gift of being able to communicate with spirits. Though the methods by which they are capable of doing so, they can tap into the life force energies of living people in order to receive messages from the deceased connected to them. Psychic mediums are human conduits between the spirit world and the corporeal one.

The way a medium conducts a reading is going to vary from the styles of their colleagues, and every session is unique. Likewise, the spirits communicate with each intuitive in an equally singular way. While some intuitives are only capable of receiving messages through one of many possible avenues, there are those who make the connection on multiple levels at once or at different times.

The main thing anyone interested in getting a reading should realize is that control of how interactive the session is is not up to the medium. They can not choose who they will communicate with, determine how long the connection will last, or guarantee answers to all questions. All of this is dependent on the spirits that choose to be present, as is the manner in which they give messages to the intuitive.

Sight is one of the many ways in which communication may be established, though some spirits may choose not to be seen. To some, this means that they "see" the individual in their own mind's eye, using motion and gestures to convey ideas. Then there are those who are capable of actually seeing ghostly, ethereal, yet physical manifestations.

Another way in which one might receive messages from the spirits is through auditory means. The medium could either hear them as thoughts inside their mind, or as external input like normal conversation. Unfortunately, a lot of spirits have trouble with this method and the words come through sounding like a sketchy radio signal or in short phrases that will need to be interpreted to make sense.

A spirit may opt to use telepathy as their means of conveying messages. This means that they will send flashes of people, events, or words to the medium, or use something from that person's own memories to get the idea across. This can be the most confusing as the symbolism can be cloudy such as being shown a beach and a female in an attempt to mean a woman named Sandy.

Those who are empathetic may also experience emotional or physical sensations that are indicative of the thought or feelings the spirit is wishing to convey. For instance, making the intuitive's head hurt could mean brain trauma, and tightness in the chest could mean heart or breathing issues in life. This is frequently combined with other means of communication in an attempt to clarify the message.

A medium might also receive communications from beyond through other means such as automatic writing and trances. Each person with the ability to communicate with the departed will experience the connections differently and each will have their own unique means of dealing with their gifts. Although an intuitive will do all they can to effectively convey spirit messages, individuals attending the reading should be aware that this is not always a simple matter.

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