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By Walter Clark

There are quite some cases whereby children are born while they have some weakness to do with perception. They have a reduced ability to respond to matters happening in their environment. This condition affects some of them from childhood to adulthood. However, it should be treated from the early moments it is noted. There are harsh receptions which have been showed these people from society and for this need the ADHD advocate services are necessary.

Many cases continue to be reported as more and more children are detected to have the condition. Other than other causes, it is heavily associated with genetic transmission. Therefore the parents are the major cause of this condition among their children. Besides, it has also been associated with cigarette smoking and indiscriminate alcoholism.

This condition is controllable, especially if detected sooner after birth. Early intervention helps slow it down, and it heals eventually. Therefore after the child is born, they should be tested and then put on the necessary medication at the early and tender age. This creates a more positive impact than when treatment commences at later on stage in life.

Therefore the advocates are specially trained lawyers who come up for the well-being of the victims. They have the necessary skills which enable them to represent these people perfectly. Therefore they fight for the rights of these people at different stages. They ensure they have the necessary rightful treatment they deserve and thus are not treated as less of human beings. This is very important since it helps the victims get their rights.

It is not uncommon to find such people suffering great stigmatization. They are treated poorly by their fellows, for instance, the teenagers. Therefore when these professionals show up and stand for them, they get the least for the stigmatization. Some of them lose hope in life due to this effect of prejudice. Therefore they manage to get the necessary determination and motivation they require to face the challenges of life.

The advocates help in educating the members of the public why they need to associate well with these affected people. They teach them why they should treat everyone around them equally irrespective of such a condition. This awareness makes the society appreciate and shows some love to these people suffering from the ADHD condition.

Some learning centers have been noted for this unfair and harsh reception towards students and members who have this weakness. However, the affected people can heal at some point and eventually get over the condition since they are usually on medication. Therefore the advocates come in and ask for the chance for the people to be given some time as they seek medication, a bit before then, they all have a right to education.

So families can be so hostile to the victims. This is the case of rejection and bitter acceptance that they have a weak family member. However, they are asked by the relevant representatives to treat the children equally and seek the necessary quality treatment they require to get better. They should not be left to themselves but rather be loved and listened to.

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