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By Susan Morris

These are the processes and principles which are put in place to limit and change the factors that hinder the full performance of a person thus limiting his full potential. These factors change the beliefs which control our day to day lives. Psych K therapy is self empowering hence change and influences the personal decision and look of things.

Therapy enables quick and painless change of these subconscious beliefs that limit the full working and reasoning capacity of a person. These beliefs and thoughts range from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. They together influence the wellbeing of the person when not put under any pressure or stress.

The process is carried out by an instructor. The instructor guides them through the process of rediscovering himself. These cure them from stress, depression or emotional difficulties which he might be experiencing. These difficulties are as a result of past experiences which haunt them to date. This lead to irrational decision making from the people as the no longer tends to care the outcome. The victims are encouraged and finally they change their outward look towards situation.

The beliefs offer resistance to change. These changes are likely to have been caused by long term mistakes. Hence when person remembers them he leads to depressed state thus cannot make any positive move to better his life. This thoughts are mainly eliminated by giving one useful information. This information you can get it from a book or choose to engage the victim in a talk.

Victims normally make their decisions using the subconscious mind in the brain. The effects are not so dangerous when its only the subconscious mind that is affected. But the effects become more dangerous when finally the conscious mind become affected. Hence therapy should be sought early enough before the conscious mind becomes affected. When conscious mind becomes affected, the victim develops relationship problems, job problems and result to undesirable habits such as smoking and taking alcohol. This all lead to reduction in physical strength.

Using therapy, the subconscious mind is accessed. This helps to change the negative effects and in turn instill positive mind in him. These positive minds improve the self esteem, and support the goals and the current conscious beliefs. The conscious enable them to quit his former subconscious beliefs. These include reducing the stress level and anxiety, reducing the fears and phobia, eliminating undesirable habits which he had been doing such as alcohol taking, and also embracing his career fully.

To cure these problems, the victim is taken to a therapy instructor. Here people are taught different measures to improve his condition. The person is taught to use a muscle testing protocol. This muscle testing protocol assists the latter to communicate with the subconscious mind. This helps him to change the subconscious beliefs and use the resolution balance which will give him the new beginning.

The victim is also taken through the goal clarification process. This assists the subconscious mind and the instructor to understand and help the victim to achieve the conscious mind. It also assists him to create well informed goal statements. This enhances his way of life and makes it better. This enables the victim to align his beliefs with the current principles of nature. Attending therapy also assist people get relieved due to reduced stress. It also improves the self esteem level in the conscious mind.

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