Common Sense Golfing Instructions Orlando FL Kids Learn From And Enjoy

By Ruth Ward

Parents who love to participate in a certain sport often want to pass that enthusiasm on to their young children. Golfers are no exception. If they want to be successful at cultivating a passion for the game in their kids, parents need to remember some important things. First of all, little children love to play. Golf may just be a great chance to ride in a cart, hit a ball, and have a parent's complete attention. The golfing instructions Orlando FL pros find most effective emphasize the fun of the game.

Buying an expensive set of clubs for a five or six year old is possible, but silly, according to the pros. You don't know whether the game is something your child will be interested in pursuing, and by the time you find out, they will have outgrown the clubs. Cutting adult clubs down is common practice, but not optimal either. The clubs are still too heavy to be practical. A couple of inexpensive children's clubs is the best option.

Giving youngsters a couple of basic putting instructions, and then letting them practice, is probably enough in the beginning. They can usually handle the concept of keeping their thumbs on top of the putter and maintaining a Y stance to position themselves correctly. Most kids love miniature golf, and this is a great way to reinforce putting techniques and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Chipping is fairly easy to learn although many adults struggle to do it well. You will have already introduced the Y stance, which is used for chipping as well as putting. Just mentioning the hot dog grip should get their attention and capture their imagination. Making a game of these lessons is the best way to reinforce what you are trying to teach.

Swinging a golf club is something most kids love to do. Explaining how to do it for maximum effect will take some time and patience. Young golfers who learn how to hold a finish early should be able to master a balanced swing later on. Practicing full swings will also help them perfect their hot dog grip.

Trips to the range with little ones should probably last no more than an hour or so. Breaking up the outing between the putting green, chipping green, and driving range will make sure they don't get bored and restless. This is a great place to teach safety lessons, like keeping a distance from someone about to swing and not swinging when someone is in front of them.

The golf course is an adult world for most children, and many enjoy spending time there with their parents. Even though playing a whole round may not be possible for youngsters yet, letting them take a few practice swings and try out a putting green, as you are playing your game, will be a treat for them.

Passing on your love of sports is a wonderful way to bond with your children and spend one on one time with them. You will both be richer for it. They may never be pros, but they will surely remember the great times they had in your company.

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