The Most Common Myths About Fashion

By Katie Onson

You should never believe everything that you read or hear, even when it comes to the vast world of fashion. Anyone in this industry will tell you that while there is plenty of concrete information to take in, other details do not hold as much water as they appear to. As a matter of fact, these details can be best described as myths. If you'd like to know which myths stand out, here are just a few, as well as why they're easily debunked.

"If you want to appear thin, never wear horizontal stripes." Many of us are familiar with the visual trick that vertical stripes offer. According to companies such as Estelle's Dressy Dresses, they make us look thinner. This doesn't necessarily mean that horizontal stripes should be left of the equation, as they can be worn for the same purpose as well. It's a matter of where on the body they're worn, though. Whether you're talking about sweet 16 dresses or more casual attires, pattern placement matters.

"Blue and black never go together." It's been said that blue and black shouldn't be worn together, mainly due to the fact that they're close in shade. However, if you're smart about this, you'll be able to wear these colors together with ease. It's simply a matter of accessorizing so that these colors aren't exactly close to one another. In the fashion world, you'll learn that there are workarounds to virtually any scenario.

"Don't wear more than one pattern." One of the most common myths about fashion is that no one should wear more than one pattern. While this is good for the sake of consistency, it seems like more and more people are mixing and matching. Of course, you don't want to simply wear a bunch of patterns without any restraint. You have to be careful about what's worn, which is why you should experiment with different options.

The myths debunked earlier are just a few that can be uncovered by the greatest minds in fashion. While it's unfortunate that there are different mistruths out there, it's not like they have to be easily believed. It's simply a matter of staying skeptic, as well as remaining open to information that might go against the contrarian belief. The more that you're willing to learn about style, the more confident you'll feel no matter what you wear.

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