Essential Details About Vietnam Vets Donations

By William Fox

Vietnam veterans are those soldiers who were in the United States armed forces and its allies during the Vietnam war. It includes those who served during this time whether they were stationed in that country or not. The United States and its allies lost this war and suffered heavy casualties from the battles that happened.

This is why there are a lot of veterans who are now disabled and are not able to make a proper living after being discharged from service. Some are even experiencing post traumatic stress disorder which makes it harder for them to readjust to society. That is why it is important to give Vietnam vets donation in any way possible.

Around fifty thousand veterans do not have a place to call home and stay for the night resulting in them sleeping on the streets or in common houses. This is because their family are already gone or has estranged them. The most common reason for them to be estranged is their difficulties in readjusting to society.

One of the reasons of their difficulties is experiencing PTSD where one in every five vets are currently suffering from. This mental disorder is caused by the traumatic event they experienced such as the mentioned war. Symptoms include having disturbing feelings, dreams, or thoughts related with the causing traumatic event.

Another problem is their disability they got from the time they were serving the armed forces which is making it harder for them to live. The usual disabilities are dismembered limbs either one or more of them so some of them use prosthetic or wheelchairs to move around. This is why there are vet centers dedicated to help them.

Services are provided by the government including benefits for them like cash compensation when they are eligible for it. One of the eligibility factors is if their mental or physical injuries were received during their time serving the war. Although these benefits are lacking specially to the ones that are lacking in eligibility that is why it is needed to have donations.

Donations can come in any form either by kind or financial to organizations who are meant to help them. These donations are not only meant for the veteran but also to their family members and anyone who are living with them. Example of these are clothing, household items, toys, electronic devices, books and small furniture.

Events are also being organized to raise funds for helping them and in providing services that they need. These include funds for medical treatment for their injuries and in buying medical equipment or devices like prosthetic and wheelchairs. These events are also a way for them to see their former compatriots and be updated on how each one of them is now.

So it is important that people will reach out to those needing a helping hand who are suffering the ill effects of warfare specially those with no one that is living with them. Donating is a part only of this and other ways are available in assisting them. The government should do their part also to provide benefits to veterans who are needing them.

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