How A Professional Life Coach For Trauma Differs From A Therapist

By Michael Graham

There are occasions when people suffer from a lot of trauma in their lives, and simply don't seek help for the various emotions which they are going through. This can really bring you down, and cause a lot of harm emotionally. It can happen on a temporary basis when you have lost a loved one, but one may also have underlying feelings to deal with. A therapist and a professional life coach for trauma is able to help in a case like this.

A therapist is different from this type of life coach. A life coach is more practical and will usually help clients once they have dealt with their emotions and their feelings which are bringing them down. Essentially, they will need to speak to a therapist first and foremost. This is helpful because there will be more than likely decisions and further guidance that the client needs.

Three are certain emotional signs which go hand in hand with the trauma. People often feel depressed, anxious, isolated and angry. They may have flashbacks, such as in the case with the person who has been severely abused. Some people will have insomnia and they will feel exhausted the following day. It can prevent them from functioning on a normal level.

If you ignore the situation, you will be dragged further down the big black hole. You will become more and more depressed, anxious and isolated. It can lead to panic attacks and more mood swings. It especially rings true when someone has been abused by a parent or relative who they have trusted. It can affect their own relationships, and this obviously becomes a problem.

However, one also needs to know more about the direction to lean towards once the emotions have been addressed. Sometimes, patients will feel that they will feel that they don't have goals or they need to make new decisions as a result of the trauma. It can relate to their relationships or their job and their career. This is where the life coach can help them.

This is where the life coach can be so helpful. There are coaches like this that specialize in trauma. They will help the client come up with more realistic goals, guiding them in the process. It is not their job to make decisions for them and the client has to put in the work. However, the coach acts as mentor and is helpful in encouraging and motivating the client.

They will work on certain strengths that the client will benefit from. This can take the form of brainstorming to come up with more ideas. This is particularly useful for the job market or for the purpose of employment. Some people will need a complete change after they have been exposed to a specific type of trauma.

There are various methods and techniques that they use. It can include role play, which can be useful for someone who is applying for a job. A lot of people who are recovering from job are more negative about their lives. They may lack confidence and self-esteem. It is important to keep on setting goals because this will help the client to stay mentally focused.

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