How Normal Christianity Found In The Psalms Is An Urgent Need

By Mark Reed

Poetry was a very important communication tool for elder societies, a device using rhyme or meter for mnemonic purposes. The Word as history was once an oral standard, and priests were tasked to keep all of it in memory, and beauty came in at a later date. As luck would have it, the poetics and beauty have a good fit, so that the range for verse was extended to encompass all concepts.

From the ancients came the base hearth laws later adapted by Christians, and these were based on reason and universal orders. When studied in their original configurations, these would probably sound very like normal Christianity found in the Psalms. And along with the tenets of the Christian testament, they form the most evolved concepts that can be found in the Bible.

The modern civilization referred here is probably the old Roman proconsulate of Iudea, which allowed a Jewish figurehead king. The laws were made over and adapted to that present. Beauty was made to come into the picture, with everything that the human mind could come up with, trying its best to imagine a heaven on earth creative by a civilization of the true and the law abiding.

These concepts took a couple of millennia to become a normal standard for most humans living on this planet. There were numerous wars, misfit generations, and loads of evil designs worked into kingdoms and empires, with attached wrongminded philosophies before humans awoke to what is right. Perhaps it took the bone mountains, blood rivers and shattered nations to hardwire tribal memories with the said concepts.

Normal Christianity is the total celebration of life, love and laughter. These values are primary ones in Psalms and the Songs of Solomon, no matter how the times called for David to gird his loins and be prepared to do battle to preserve the human paradise that he first conceptualized. The final redaction of his words was probably done during the ministry of Jesus.

Normal Christianity is tasked to accomplish a very hard task, that of being the steadfast connection to the historical continuity of living as peacefully and harmoniously as possible, something that is probably well accomplished. But contemporary concerns still have need of more things done. It means that Psalms is still the most basic dynamic for all Christians to access.

The Psalms of David has a lot of related scholarship done. Plus, it is best to remember the possible redaction during the time of Christ, because together with beauty, it also took on elements of realpolitik, further differentiating from old history verse. The point can be made here how the literary craft was given a boost here, and the differentiation between verse and poetics became clearer, with histories being verse, and poetry having the beauty element.

Literature in sundry directions after this focal turning point, even as they were closely allied to active Christian movements. Those who want a deeper understanding of the passages in Psalms need to study continuously. It is something that the faithful can practice with great results.

Perhaps the best Bibles available today are the NASB or the NRSV, and you can do some referencing with the King James Bible. The Good Books available nowadays are all standards in history or the academe. Copies of these are often distributed free by Christian missions.

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