Coping With Betrayal Trauma Ontario CA

By Sarah Smith

One feels betrayed when his friends do the unexpected. Children feel hurt if their friends and siblings lie to them. Even gossips affect them to a great extent. The common cases of Betrayal Trauma Ontario CA are in children dealing with abuse or people dealing with effects of domestic abuse. The situation is worse if the perpetrator was involved in intimate relationship with the victim.

People who depend on others for food, financial or emotional support feel abused if that person betrays them. Such individuals lose the trust they had with abusers. In most cases, coping results in deliberate unawareness or betrayal blindness. Whether it was a simpler or extreme case, this memory lasts in a life time.

Betrayal affects people depending on how they were traumatized. No one has the courage to face the people who assaulted them. They still depend on these people for survival. That is why most of them shut down the subconscious ability of recalling traumatic events. This continues for many years. Victims manifest with symptoms of anxiety, anger, alexithymia, suicidal behavior and serious panic attacks. They are unable to maintain their health.

The behavior of suppressing memories leads to cases of dissociation. In this case, the victim is unable to integrate feelings, experiences and thoughts. They have complete detachment from the reality. Most will have instances of identity fragmentation, post-traumatic stress and memory loss. Cases of trauma cause affected people to have visual and auditory hallucinations. They will report of hearing the voice of abusers.

Recent research in the field of psychology links painful memories to development of psychoses. Victims have all types of hallucinations. People who were bullied have lasting problems. Psychosis is also associated with early parental death and crises. The betrayal blindness that these people adopt leads to mental illness. Such people may have trust issues. Child trauma may have serious effects on children in later years. There are cases of severe dissociations in people who were sexually abused.

Therapy is very necessary for people who have been traumatized. It is quite difficult for them to cope. They face many destructive symptoms. These wounds may heal with time. It is necessary for them to consult experts who deal with cases of betrayal. The affected individual is expected to cope with normal routines. Work can be tough to someone who has depression and anxiety.

It is common for victims to feel upset all at all times. It becomes frustrating when your workmates feel your pain. There is a feeling of loss of energy. These individuals are mostly lethargic. Children who have faced rejection from their parents suffer a lot. At this age, children really trust their primary caregivers. That is why the victims are deal with a lot of confusion in their lives.

They tend to develop nightmares. There is a lot of anxiety in this stage. Children may end up having trust issues later in life. Affected individuals are left with painful memories. Children are unable to cope in such situations. They need professional help. They will help them get through depression and anxiety. Victims in the city of Ontario CA can also attend online sessions. During the sessions, victims are told to write important issues in their lives. Therapists help them cope with the problems.

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