Becoming One With The Lord Through The Faith Christian Church

By Anna Butler

Making it through in this world is not that simple. It is shrouded in darkness. Somehow, it becomes a battle of survival. Equalities are performed right in front of your eyes. Somehow it becomes too normal that nobody cares about it. A lot of people claims that they love God. However, most of them failed to understand what it means to love him.

Your life here on earth is just temporary. However, if you can satisfy God with your good deeds, He will reward you the paradise. He will live with you. He would love the way He loves His father. That is His promised. Despite with all the uncertainties in this world, His promise is the only thing that remains certain. If you are interested in Jesus, you must certainly visit the Faith Christian church Wichita KS.

Together with other followers, try to understand the Lord. Learn His words. Know your roles and obligation to this world. You see, God is not a puppet. He does not run a customer service industry. You cannot just call His help every time you need it. You could not just complain about your life every time He sends you challenges.

If you are that kind of person who always blames God for your misfortune, you need to study yourself further. All the bad things that had occurred to you is not His fault. It is the fault of those people who have committed sin. Try not to have a wrong impression. Being a disciple of the Lord does not guarantee you blissful future.

Even so, for those followers who decided to become His disciples, they should make a lot of sacrifices. Truly, if you own a lot of wealth and fortune, you might find it very difficult to give up on your richness. In human perspective, sharing a large fortune of it to less fortunate might be quite hard. This is the primary reasons why only a few people are qualified enough to enter His Kingdom.

Being with Lord Jesus Christ does not promise you a good life in this planet. If there is something that you like, you should work hard to attain it. For your growth, you need to struggle. Humans are fragile in nature. Jesus Christ knew that. Any small situation is enough to take away your loyalty. Despite that, though, He never tried to give up on you.

He died to save your soul. He makes some sacrifices. You should do that too. If you really like to know how to love the Lord, consider reading the bible. It contains His words of love. Here, you would be able to learn His desires and wants. It would surely give you courage, especially, in moving forward.

You cannot see Him. When being oppressed by situations and by your surrounding, you might find it hard to feel His comfort. That is why do not try to claim that you love Him. Do not be a hypocrite. Words alone is not enough to demonstrate your love to Him. You must show it through your actions. You must prove it to the Lord.

Due to that, those animals forget that they are ones human. They shared the pain to other people. Making it a continues process. Jesus Christ saves you. Knowing about Him and His greatness, it is all up to you whether or not you would like to follow His steps. After all, before you can receive the gift of salvation, you must perform your part. Love is not a one sided affair. You need to know that.

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