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By Douglas McDonald

Generally, substance and drug abuse is normally a serious problem that can result in health, legal, and financial problems. This is usually because substance abuse over a long time destroys your body and your relationship as well. However, the sad thing is many people are not even aware that they already are abusing drugs because they use them occasionally or for the reason that they began using then under the supervision of their doctors. Nevertheless, it is possible to know whether you are abusing drugs through the drug assessment Minneapolis.

Usually, the symptoms of drug abuse normally differ from one substance to another, but there are symptoms which would indicate you a have substance abuse problem. One of such symptom is the feeling of the need to use the substance more frequently so as to function or feel normal. Actually, such a feeling that you are not able to work or do something unless you use the substance could be indicating you are abusing it. This is usually common with illegal drugs as well as alcohols.

The other symptom is being unable to quit even after trying. With such difficulties when trying to stop is also an indication of substance abuse. Because of this, such strong desire for the substance usually require the help to stop.

Another symptom indicating you could be abusing drugs is when you spend so much money on the drugs that you cannot afford. As a result, you can wreck your finances because getting the drugs often become the first thing instead of taking care of yourself, your family or paying the bills.

Another observable symptom of substance abuse is the kind of behavior the individual engages in either to get the substance or after consuming it. For example driving under the influence of drugs posing a death or injury threat to other individuals and themselves. They may also take part in unprotected sex and to access the drugs, they may risk their safety to go get drugs.

On the other hand, substance abuse also affect school performance or work performance. This is because these substances affect the ability to study or do the job. Additionally, grades in school or work performance normally suffer since the abusers can become too ill to go to work while in such an intoxicated state.

In order to know whether you have a substance abuse problem, you may begin by self-assessment. While the self-assessment does not replace the diagnosis by a professional, it is usually a good point to begin. Following the self-assessment, you can visit a specialist doctor for further treatment. The doctors are usually trained and are nonjudgmental to help patients will sorts of problems. At the same time, they know the physical effects of the various substances, therefore, can safely help patients to quit.

There are various treatment options among them rehab centers. The rehabs are usually inpatient options where the patient lives in the treatment center. This program may last for about 30 days to 1 year. In the rehab, the patient lives with other abusers recovering from addiction to various substances, although they also attend individual as well as group therapy sessions.

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