How To Approach Emotional Growth In Adults

By Christopher Jackson

There are people who are extremely intelligent. However, this can refer to a person's intellectual well being. It does not particularly relate to their emotional intelligence. Emotional growth in adults is something that more psychologists are aware of and it goes a lot deeper than what you may be aware of. It can often relate to what you have experienced as a child.

For example, someone may be stuck in their life. It can happen after trauma. They may have been abused as a child. If they choose to block this out, they often just forget about it. However, one will always be stuck in this place, emotionally. A person like this will not be fully mature as someone who has grown up in a healthy environment. People are able to tell the difference.

People who have been exposed to trauma and who are not dealing with it will display this emotionally. They may be fearful in certain situations. They may display shame or guilt as well as anger. It can be difficult to know how to move forward when you are stuck like this, because when you have not advanced in life, you will struggle to make the right choices in your life.

Someone who is healthier will have moved on from this stage to an adult and will be able to make choices and decisions. They know about boundaries and about right from wrong. Someone else may rather turn to drugs and alcohol because this is their only coping mechanism. It keeps the pain away and they feel less confused.

It is not something that comes automatically. There are specialized sorts of groups which are ideal for someone like borderline personality disorder, for example. This will teach them more about being relaxed through meditation. There are various coping mechanisms that they learn so that they know what to do should they think they are going to react in a violent way.

Sometimes a person will blame themselves for something that wasn't their fault. They will become aggressive and throw tantrums, which are not called for. Some people become depressed and withdrawn. There is always a deeper meaning and an underlying issue for these problems and one needs to look at what is bothering the person.

To be able to connect with someone, one needs to process these emotions and this is how you are able to feel. It is important to talk about the underlying issues. When one doesn't confront these issues, you will keep on turning to alcohol and drugs or something else which will replace the obstacle that you are facing.

It does take baby steps, but over the time, the person will begin to change in a practical way as they talk about their emotions. This will obviously less frustration in their lives. At the end of the day, one wants to be content, and not to be having an anxiety attack with the most basic decision. When you take those steps, you will begin to feel a lot happier and joyful.

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