The Best Sources Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

By Jason Cooper

Food is a basic need just as shelter and clothing. There is need to indulge in a diet that has all the essential nutrients. This includes proteins, vitamins, minerals and starch. The body also needs omega three fatty acids. One will find these from the best sources of omega 3. Foods with this nutrient will help a person in a number of ways. Thus, they should be consumed on a regular basis. What is needed most is a balanced diet. On top of eating right, one should also exercise every day.

The leading cause of disease in the world is inflammation. This is blamed for a myriad of health conditions ranging from cancer to arthritis. The best way to fight inflammation and subsequently prevent diseases is by eating foods that are rich in omega three acids. These will also boost hormone production in an individual. Hormones facilitate normal body functionality thus they are needed.

There are animal and plant sources. Generally, animal products tend to be more nutritious but some of them have bad cholesterol. To be on the safe side, one should stick to white meat. This type of meat is friendly to the heart since it is free of all undesirable fat. Milk and eggs will also help. The egg yolk is loaded with diverse nutrients.

Nuts and seeds are also highly beneficial. The good thing about them is that they are available at affordable prices. One can choose to consume ground nuts in between meals. On the other hand, seeds can be used for cooking different types of foods. Before one eats a nut, it needs to be prepared in a special way. Nuts are healthy.

The number one source of omega fatty acids is fish. There are many types of fish. Some are harvested from deep waters while others from shallow waters. Fish is considered as white meat. Thus, it is good for the heart. Doctors recommend people to indulge in white meat instead of red meat. Fish has a wide array of benefits.

The salmon is a kind of fish that has a unique flavor. Just a small serving of this fish will provide a person with all the fatty acids that he needs in a day. Salmon is also rich in proteins. The building block of muscle is amino acids which is an element that is found in proteins. Eating salmon is good.

Finally, there is cod liver oil. This has omega three acids because it is removed from the liver of a special type of fish called cod fish. There are many manufacturers of cod liver products. One should buy a product that belongs to a top brand. If that is the case, a person will get a guarantee of quality.

Omega three foods will greatly improve cardiovascular health. This will reduce the chances of heart disease. Actually, heart attack is the number one killer in the world. Such foods also help with brain development especially in young children. A good diet will improve the immunity of a person. This will make one to fall ill less often. It is better to prevent rather than to treat a disease.

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