How A San Francisco Bay Area Career Counselor Helps Improve Your Resume

By Penelope Bunce

Most people aren't entirely sure about what companies are looking for when receiving and reviewing resumes.

The career coach gives clients the "inside track" to locate their ideal job. First, employment-seekers are advised to purchase specific resources that can give them an edge in the job market. Next, it's recommended that they book a free 30-minute alignment consultation. This session helps clients identify sources of untapped potential in their lives.

After the initial consultation, clients can receive two additional 90-minute coaching sessions to further explore their talents and interests.

Services are available for people embarking on the job search for the first time, those who are already working in their chosen career and want to advance, and those who intend to change career tracks. Coaching sessions focus on crafting a resume based on interests, style, motivations, and previous successes.

A lot of valuable info is offered by the San Francisco Bay Area career counselor that can help people improve their resumes. Employers might view as many as 300 resumes in just one day and they typically look at each for just six seconds or less in order to determine whether further consideration is worthwhile.

A career package can include resume coaching or this coaching can be purchased as a service on its own. With a focus that includes the goals of the job searchers, his or here interests and overall work experience, it becomes possible to craft resumes that garner the attention of job recruiters in an impactful and wholly effective way.

If you are currently hunting for employment that is more meaningful, take a minute to register your email on the career coaching platform to get regular newsletters, tips and other helpful resources for advancement within the professional arena.

Services are also available for companies that are downsizing; team members who are asked to leave may have difficulty transitioning to another job. The San Francisco Bay Area career counselor offers assistance with resume-writing and other aspects of job-searching to help people at all career levels find jobs that are an optimal fit for their skills, interests, and experience.

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