How A Custom Mural Design Can Work For You

By Debra Baker

Nowadays, people are looking for numerous ways to stand out from the crowd and express their individuality and creativity. This could be on a personal level or on a business level. Being visually captivating can garner all the right kinds of attention, and a custom mural design could be just the way to do it.

Custom murals are becoming more and more popular for brands with specific target markets, usually the younger, active generation. Sportswear brands have been using custom designs on their walls throughout stores globally to attract a new wave of customers, such as Converse. Not only is this a great business move, but it also provides a great outlet for artists to showcase their work.

Getting a custom design done in your business place could be a great addition. Think of it as an integral part of the company's overall design and decor and make it work with the space. The colors and themes you choose will be key, as these are the types of things that will dictate how employees and clients alike feel when they are in the space.

You can use artwork outdoors in order to attract new clientele. Think about putting a design in a visible location, such as a wall facing an area or road with lots of traffic. The right artwork will make strangers curious to learn more about the space where it is located, and this could spur them on to walk right through the doors of a business.

You can use a mural at home, as well. While many people might think at first that this type of thing is only great for children's bedrooms and play areas, a well-executed mural could bring the finishing touch to your personal space. Make it a conversation piece in a social area of the home like the living room or dining room. Perhaps you could get something done on the ceiling?

When it comes to children and murals, it's always a good idea to let them have a say. Better yet, get them in on the action by allowing them to assist with the design or even the execution. This is a great group project for a school or community space, to liven up an old building or drab location and get everyone working together towards something great.

A mural can be absolutely anything once it works. It can have a theme or be completely abstract. Animals, shapes and bright colors generally tend to work for a younger audience. Psychedelic-style murals are great for spaces like a gym, dance or yoga studio. An office space or other organization may be better suited to a design that works alongside the company objective.

You don't have to be an artist yourself to get something like this done. There are many individuals out there looking for outlets to express their own creativity or who will work with you to create something unique and special and to your requirements. They can be found through artists' forums and even by asking around. Who knows, you may have a creative family member or friend willing to do this type of work that you never knew about!

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