Comprehensive Low Cost Leadership Development Options

By Jeffrey Price

There is need for leadership today than any other time in history. Integrity, a proactive spirit and dynamism are at an all time low. While organizations provide training opportunities, they seek to develop the skills they need. It is upon you to find low cost leadership development opportunities to boost the knowledge you have already acquired. The set of skills needed today should have a holistic and universal appeal.

The idea of a mentor is an opportunity to identify, link and maintain a growth oriented relationship. You get training through engagement and most importantly by example. Look for a person who is accomplished in the area you target to lead. This could be in your department or organization. Look beyond for leaders in other fields to create a pool where the best ideas are gathered. Many mentors enable you to select the best ideas, develop a personalized cocktail and thus be more versatile in your leadership.

Have an accountability group. Mentors will direct you on skills and actions to take in order to grow. This is not enough. You need a person or group of people pushing you to achieve set goals within a certain time-line. The accountability team shares resources, encourages you and puts you on toes. When you are most discouraged, the group will support you to work towards set goals. It makes you guilty every time you fail them.

Make friends with the right people. While leadership is a personal achievement, getting the opportunity to lead provides the experience you need. It also gives others a chance to sample your ideas and thus gain confidence in your ability. Be friendly to your bosses, seniors, management and other decision makers in the industry. However, friendship should not be at the expense of integrity or demeaning your peers.

Volunteers make excellent leaders. A volunteer is exposed to people, opportunities and ideas that would otherwise be impossible. For instance, when volunteering to organize an event for the office or register delegates for a conference, you have an opportunity to meet, chat and exchange contacts with persons you would never meet in ordinary duties. They will give you the next opportunity to lead. You also exercise your skills and attract their attention for being selfless. Including such opportunities boosts the skill set on your resume.

Consider the lateral and cross function opportunities that come your way. Leadership is about managing complex situations. While you are a marketer, it helps to know what finance or social media guys do. Spend a few minutes at the reception or with accountant. You have a grasp of what running an organization means. Your decisions will therefore be holistic.

Focus on personal development as well. The best leader is an all rounded one. This means control over your health, social life, talents, etc. The options available include learning a new language, short courses, exercising, eating a healthy diet, etc. You have greater control over your life and approach situations with enthusiasm. People become more confident in your ability.

Being a mentor is like having fire under your seat or a camera watching every action. It demands the best out of you since someone considers you a role model and is watching. It takes away the thoughts or chances of failure. As such, you will work harder at personal level eliminating any chance to fail. You cannot relax when someone is looking up to you.

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