Significance Of Enrolling Into Circle Of Change For Veterans

By Nancy Martin

A significant majority of returning soldiers slip into a medical condition known as post-traumatic stress syndrome. PTSD results from adverse experiences in their missions abroad. Statistics have shown that many of the veterans resort to taking their lives or harming those closest to them. Researchers and therapists alike have suggested numerous approaches to help the service men and women battle PTSD. One of the remedies proposed by the organization known as the circle of change recommends giving the veterans a living companion in the form of a pet, preferably a dog.

To a large extent, this team relies on the pledges and the charitable donations from people who are touched by the state of their selfless patriots. The patriots who gave up their normal lives to go out there to distant lands with the hope of making a difference in another part of the world, for the common good of humanity. The well-wishers volunteer their time and give out their resources as a way of saying thank you for their services.

Psychiatrists have been unable to pinpoint with accuracy the visible signs of a person in need of PTSD counseling. The reason for this difficulty lies in the fact that people react to stress and depression in their unique ways. A huge majority of the veterans enrolled in the program; however, report having trouble sleeping owing to the recurrent nightmares they experience. The patients also experience an uncontrollable temperament which makes them a danger to themselves and others.

Without the timely intervention of the experts who work at this centers, the Veterans will most probably never get transitioned back into civilian life. The individuals will have a problem of holding down a job for an extended duration, and they also tend to suffer from all sorts of relationship upheavals which keeps them from leading quality lives.

Dogs are an important cornerstone of the treatment regimen offered by the organization mentioned here. It takes lots of patience and an immense amount of effort to break a troubled dog. This energy serves as a critical distraction for the service men and women. And, by the time they realize it they have already learned how to calm themselves and reintegrate back into the society.

Ideally, the training course takes a period of thirteen weeks to complete. The students have to attend the two-hour weekly classes which are taught by certified dog trainers. The interactions with their comrades also confer many rewards and benefits when it comes to helping them rebuild their lives for the better.

Thanks to their sincere efforts, the establishment has gone ahead and transformed the lives of hundreds of ill veterans. These individuals who were once unable to get a job can now do so easily. Their relationships also experience a complete turnaround, and this is indeed baby steps in the right direction.

To make the transition a complete success; the non-profit organization works hand in hand with other community partners. The volunteers are either people who have had someone in their lives who has PTSD or just generous souls interested in the well-being of the veterans. To get in touch with them, just stop by their official website and drop them a line with your question.

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