With Help From A Couples Counselor In Bethesda Many Relationship Are Rescued

By Laura Cooper

The days when the norm was that two people meet, fall in love, go out for a while, become engaged and then marry and spend the rest of their lives together are long gone. Modern life places many demands on people and people in a close relationship often cannot cope with all the pressures they experience. However, when two people that committed themselves to each other decide to dissolve the relationship it may be worthwhile to first see a couples counselor in Bethesda.

Many studies have shown that a large percentage of relationships that simply do not work out in the long term can be ascribed to the fact that one partner, usually the male, does not accept that the roles of people in society have changed. Women are no longer almost automatically housewives and responsible for cooking and cleaning. They want their own careers and some men find this ambition threatening.

Far too many people enter into a relationship for the wrong reasons. Some feel lonely and think that a partner will solve the problem. Others need the security of a formal relationship. Yet others simply want companionship when they need it and there are those that have physical desires that they think will be satisfied by a formal partner. Most of these motivations for entering a relationship are more than likely to backfire.

When there are children involved the break up of a relationship hold serious ramifications for the children. There interests should be of paramount importance and when the parents are not in a legal bond the situation can become very tricky. In such cases counselling is definitely advised, even if the sole purpose is make sensible decisions regarding the future of the children.

It is interesting to note that a large percentage of people seeking professional help have been in a single relationship for a long time. In that time, they have built up a joint estate, own assets together and have joint savings, insurance and investments. They do not want to jeopardize everything they worked so hard for and are therefore often willing to seek help from a professional.

Some relationships deteriorate over time, often because one or both partners are becoming bored and domesticity has numbed the initial passion they had for each other. In most cases the deterioration can be ascribed to a lack of honest communication. In this way small issues easily become major problems. Counselling can help both partner to gain perspective and to examine their relationship in an objective manner.

There are cases where it is definitely better to end a relationship immediately. If one partner is abusive or aggressive it is best that the other party leave immediately. Sexual deviancy, ongoing substance abuse and a failure to make any form of contribution to the relationship are all also very clear and serious warning signs. This is also true for relationships that are in trouble but where one partner refuse to see a counsellor.

A healthy relationship creates an environment where both partners feel safe, cherished and valued. When this is no longer the case, counselling is definitely indicated. A professional therapist can help couple to rediscover the magic they once experienced in the company of each other.

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