The Best Type Of Brainfood

By Ryan Scott

The food you eat will contribute to your health. In some cases, it can even play a part in the way your brain is able to function. One calls this brainfood. In fact a lot of scientists have proven this to be true. They have tested foods, such as blueberries, nuts and dark chocolate that a lot of people eat over time and found that this has raised their cognitive skills.

For example, there are various fish that have no benefit for your brain. Then again, there are oily fish, such as salmon and trout which are excellent. They have the right types of fats, such as EPA and DHA. Omega-3 fats are essential in any diet. When someone is a vegetarian, they should stick to walnuts, soya beans and flax seeds. They may even want to think of getting a supplement.

Blueberries are great to snack on. This is good for short term memory loss. Besides blueberries, you can also turn to tomatoes. Both of these you can just store in the refrigerator. You can also use these ingredients in your cooking in different ways, so they become more than just a snack. There are so many varieties available and it means your cooking becomes a lot healthier.

More protein comes in the form of chicken as well as eggs. This is particularly useful when you want to prevent the risk of a stroke. It is also good for the Alzheimer's patient, increasing their cognitive abilities. Vitamins B6 and B12 are helpful for these patients.

Avocados were once thought of as having a lot of oils in the fruit. A lot of folk did not think much of the avocado, but this is something that has been included as one of the best foods which will aid to the protective factor of the nerve cells. It can help with the blood flow around the brain, which promotes overall functionality. Avocados can be used in a number of different ways.

Avocado can also be combined with salmon and you will find it to be extremely beneficial because of the protective factor that it has. It will protect the cells of the brain as well as maintaining a good sense of blood flow in the brain. This means that you are able to maintain the right sort of pressure in the brain.

Bright green vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli are an excellent for the brain. They contain vitamin K, and this will improve the memory. Broccoli, in particular is good because it contains folic acid, so it is important that people with Alzheimer's disease have plenty of this because it will be helpful for the memory. It is also good for depression.

There are various oils that you should rather stick to, and those that you should abandon. For example, coconut oil and olive oil are fantastic for the brain. The more commercial oils may be less expensive, but you have to ask yourself whether they are really doing you in any good. The answer will probably be no. This is the big debate.

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