Teamwork Values That Most Foursquare Churches In Las Vegas Uphold

By Donald Fisher

When you develop a team which has the deep sense of teamwork, it will help greatly help your ministry. When church members work individually, the chance of getting counseled are high as compared to those who work as a team who as the power to create growth because of the unity. Below are some of the points which show why teamwork is important in most Foursquare churches in Las Vegas

Teamwork builds trust. Ideally, Trust is the lubrication oil that keeps a team going. You do not simply get to trust one other without putting some effort into building trust. For instance, consistency is important when building trust in your team. Consistency will also help you appear predictable and easy to understand among the team members. Also, teamwork creates a great sense of loyalty. If you are loyal to your team members, you will stand for them whenever people try to talk ill about them.

Teamwork also encourages the economy of energy. To encourage a good economy of energy among your team members, you should compensate and anticipate for family and personal energy drains, like new babies and illnesses. Remember your team members have a life outside the church. You should, therefore, stretch your assistance to even personal matters affecting your team members.

As the team grows, it is important for the members to work slow and steady rather than go fast and furious. Plan your year amicably. Get to know what you can achieve throughout the year without being unrealistic. You should also be flexible enough to accommodate unexpected changes that may arise in the process.

Encouragement is important in ensuring that the team members stay put. Just like any other human beings, team members may come to a point when they feel like things are not going as they expected. If there is no strong team member who can speak encouraging words, a discouraged team member can easily give up and cause disintegration in the team.

Management of every team is very important. Poor management techniques can lead to rebellion among team members. However, the team member should learn to trust their leaders. If they do, they will not suspect them of poor management, or judge them based on how they manage the team.

When you are leading a team, you have to create frequent meeting which will help you in planning the progress of your team. You can make the meetings to be weekly and let the team bring a three by five card containing the brief and short report. Using this report, you will be able to know if, you are making progress, making the right decision, being thankful or having any difficulties.

Communication is imperative for every team to succeed. There are different communication barriers. However, one of the greatest barriers is presumption. You may tend to presume that everyone sees a problem like you do, feels like you feel or assuming that one can never change a certain bad habit or that one is doing something wrong knowingly or for a certain reason.

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