Potential Benefits For Quantum Wave Laser Treatment

By William Watson

Medicine is always seeking new ways to treat degenerative illnesses and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. While there are more studies to be done, it seems that quantum wave laser treatment is showing real promise as a means of treating a multitude of conditions. While some of the improvements seen may simply be the benefit one might receive from a day at the spa, there are some exciting potentials in the field of pain management.

The numbers of people who become addicted to pain medications is staggering, and the debate regarding medical marijuana wages on. However, using cold light therapy methods may be able to help anyone living with serious pain, without risking drug therapies which can be dangerous or addictive. Both homeopathic practitioners as well as traditional allopathic doctors are prescribing this form of treatment to their patients.

Healthcare professionals often regret setting people upon drug therapies that later results in the downward spiral of addiction. Many people who have never used street drugs of any kind have found themselves hooked on substances which put heroine to shame, and they have to seek therapy for their addiction. These days most people are told to use caution with doctors who seem too eager to prescribe medication.

These non-invasive treatments are also painless, which is a great benefit to anyone already in pain. Chronic pain management includes a sense of helplessness that often leads to depression, and some patients simply stress out when facing injections or rigorous physical therapy. These low-level light photons have no unpleasant side effects, and they can target only the impacted areas of the body.

These lasers are able to penetrate deeply into the visible light spectrum without generating heat. The scattering of light in lasers is minimal, and allows the beam to transmit at an angle which increases the ability of tissues to absorb the photons. This light then stimulates cells to actions which allow the body to heal itself while also acting like an anti-inflammatory.

Military men and women are being returned nearly to their normal health after serious injury. With the combination of low-level lasers in conjunction with the printing of new skin cells on 3D printers, the VA doctors are hoping to improve the lives of many in time. As these methods are being made available to ordinary citizens, the possibilities are astounding.

Non-invasive therapies can not only shorten the time it takes to heal, but it can help patients avoid the costs and risks associated with traditional drug therapies. By avoiding more invasive procedures, many patients can avoid the pain so long associated with many therapies. For those who fear the scalpel, and do not care to take pills, this is excellent news.

Plastic surgeons are also watching this technology with particular interest, as they have been utilizing self-healing techniques such as derm-abrasion for several decades now. Soon the whole idea of living with scars, cellulite, and wrinkles may be no more. The general direction that medicine appears to be taking involves methods which stimulate self healing.

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