Different Procedures Used For Spinal Decompression In Santa Monica

By Darren Martinez

Anybody who has had back problems knows how disruptive this can be. Lasting back pain is a menace because it affects movement and rest. The pain is severe and only gets worse with time. It is so severe that it gets to a point where one thinks of nothing else but how to get just a little pain relief. The body is equipped to tell us when there is a problem by sensing pain. Back pain is one of the worst types of pain that lasts. It is imperative to see a doctor for Spinal Decompression In Santa Monica if such symptoms persist.

There are two ways of treating this condition. These are using surgery and other nonsurgical methods. These are used to repair disks located in the spine. Many patients like nonsurgical methods because they are seen to be safer and less invasive compared to surgery. This is because in the latter, anything can go wrong on the operating table. They are more likely to go to a chiropractor than go for surgery. Other alternatives are bracing, physical therapy, acupuncture, exercising, chiropractor services, steroid injections and use of drugs to stop inflammation.

In decompression therapy, motorized therapy is used to stretch the spine in a bid to remove excess pressure. This change of position and force on the spine releases negative pressure that counters the one felt on the disks. The disks resemble cushions of jelly and are located between spinal cord bones. Release of pressure allows movement of not only oxygen but also nutrients and water. This allows healing.

The therapy is commonly used to treat many issues like neck and back pain that causes tingling down the legs. It reverses herniated disks, reverses degenerative disk disease, repairs worn joints and heals spinal root nerves that are injured. Health practitioners accept that there is need to do more research to ensure the safety and efficiency of this procedure.

This therapy lasts for about half an hour or more and is done by a doctor operating a computer. The treatments must be at least twenty for effective results to be seen and takes more than one month. There might be other accompanying treatments including electrical stimulation, ultrasounds and cold or heat therapy. Some people are not recommended to have this treatment including pregnant women and those with the following conditions fractures, tumors, advanced osteoporosis, abdominal aortic aneurism and those with metal implants.

Surgical methods can also be used to reverse this condition. It is mostly used as the last resort if other measures do not work. It treats ruptured and bulging disks, bony growths and other problems. It relieves pain, numbness, weakness and tingling sensations.

Many surgeries can be done to relieve pressure felt on the spine. These are dependent on the type and seriousness of the condition. Spinal fusion helps to stabilize the cord, diskectomy and laminotomy removes a part of the disk and bone respectively. Other procedures are foraminotomy, corpectomy and osteophyte removal.

As with any treatments, there are risks involved. However, surgery has more risks that include infection, bleeding, blood clots, allergic reaction towards anesthesia as well as nerve and tissue damage. It is important to take care of your back and exercise regularly. This avoids visits to a chiropractor.

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