Uses, Risks And Benefits Of Northwest Indiana Liposuction Surgery

By Linda Hill

Liposuction, or Lipoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that slims and modifies certain body parts by removing unwanted fat deposits and enhancing the body curves. It enhances your self -image. However, Northwest Indiana Liposuction should not be mistaken for treatment for obesity or a substitute for proper eating habits and exercise.

Lipo, as vastly known by patients and experts alike, is done on specific body parts that are vulnerable to quick deposition of fats. Parts of the body that are mostly affected are the thighs, buttocks, hips, face specifically the chin, cheeks and also around the biceps. Facelifts, breast surgeries and tummy reduction are some procedures that can be undertaken together with lipo for a finer and a nicer look.

Cosmetic surgeons in Northwest Indiana limit this procedure only to those persons whose efforts to reduce weight have not bore any fruits despite changing their lifestyle. This being the challenge, they end up not gaining ground in their endeavors to reduce fats in their bodies. Cells in the adipose layer become bigger as one gains weight. It is through lipoplasty that the cells are removed.

Lipoplasty, apart from being a surgical procedure on its own, with its specific benefits, it is also effective in treating other disorders. For example Lymphedema. It is a long tern health condition that results from the continuous deposition of lymph in body cells causing tissues to distend. Liposculpture suction lipectomy is used to drain the liquid and alleviate the discomfort caused by the pain.

The surgery is also beneficial to patients suffering from Gynecomastia.At times fat may collect under a mans nipples. This condition brings discomfort, pain and lowers the self esteem of a person. To reduce the swelling, lipoplasty is done. The procedure can also be used to alleviate Lipodystrophy syndrome. This is when fat accumulates on one part of the body while it is lost on other parts. To achieve a good appearance, patients undergo the surgical procedure. It helps them attain an even fat distribution.

Liposuction is beneficial. However, with it comes a number of risks that should not go without mention. Severe bruising is one unwanted consequence of the procedure. Patients under prescription of anti inflammatory medicine such as dichlofenac and aspirin suffer the most. Also, patients whose skin is thin, may also be susceptible to bad bruising.

Inflammation can also persist for a long time after the procedure. The swelling as a result of the surgery may take as long as six months to properly heal. A lesser reported case ids the continued oozing of fluid from the incisions. Some patients may have blood clotting in the veins causing inflammation on the inner areas of the knee and thighs where the treatment was done.

Sometimes, the body shape may appear rough and uneven after surgery. For those patients whose pelt lack elasticity, this may come as a result of the procedure. Irregular removal of fat is one of the causes of uneven contouring. Some patients live like that permanently while in some, fluid may build up below the skin leading to the need of another surgery.

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