Searching For Hot Air Balloon Rides Colorado

By Carolyn Hall

A large number of people, when visiting Colorado, will want to go on some kind of organized tour. Various trips are offered where a tour guide will take you to places of interest in a car or on a bus. An alternative way to see things is to locate hot air balloon rides colorado for a better experience and there is a little homework to be done beforehand.

When searching for a flight, there are a few options available and you will find trips offered in various places. Your hotel may have details of excursion companies at reception and they are also advertised in information packs that are given to guests. There are also outlets on the street that can arrange a suitable flight for you.

One of the best places to search for a flight is the internet and there are many firms listed that specialize in balloon rides. These web sites are a great place to do your research as they will feature prices, details of the various flights and testimonials from customers. You may also save money by booking with the company directly as you are not paying agents fees.

When you have located a firm in Winter Park, CO to arrange your flight you will need to get in touch with them to make a booking. Many of the companies will be fully booked at times and it is a good idea to book your flight well in advance. You can pay for your trip with cash or a check, as well as bank card which is usually the better option, and always ask about cancellation and refund policies.

The basket which is attached to the balloon will hold up to 6 people comfortably. The cost of the trip will depend on how many people are taking the ride and where your pick up point is. Private trips for two can be arranged and these will be a little more expensive than the group flights and some price comparisons should be made to get a good deal.

Flight times will vary with the different firms but a typical trip will last for approximately one hour. Your total trip time will last around five hours, including pick up, and you will be there to see the balloon being prepared. A selection of soft drinks is usually made available along with tea and coffee and some firms will have a champagne toast to celebrate your flight.

All firms that operate balloons are fully certified and insured and the pilots are fully qualified. Your standard travel insurance may not cover you for a flight so it is essential to use a reputable company that has their own cover. The staff will give you a safety briefing before the flight and it is very important that you give this your full attention.

When you have landed, the drivers who have followed are standing by to take you back to your accommodation. The crew will always appreciate a gratuity if you have enjoyed your experience but this is optional. It is always a good idea to leave your comments on the operator's web page for future customers to read.

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