How A Dog Helped Create The Talk Phone

By Ann Schmidt

While smartphones have only existed in the last several years, cellular, satellite, walkie talkies and other models have existed for decades. As such, while the design, applications and operating systems of smart phones is new, talk phone technology has existed since the discovery of the first working telephone in 1876.

In fact, the first of these models was known as the Simon Personal Communicator. IBM began research and development on this model in the late 1980s and created a working prototype. After which, the company started marketing the communicator to limited markets in 1992. As such, while Apple is considered the genius behind the Smart Phone craze, it was actually the IBM research and development team which created the initial technology behind this phenomenon.

Ultimately, credit for the first working telephone was given to Alexander Graham Bell. For, had the scientist not decided to research hearing devices in hope of helping a deaf wife, the telephone as we know it may have never been invented. For, it is Alexander who created the first working model, thanks to a little help from a father, a sibling and the family dog in 1876.

Later, the scientist invented several other aspects when it comes to communications. For example, Mr. Bell spent more time working on optical communication, aeronautic and hydrofoil systems later in life. In addition, while Alexander has never been considered one of the founds of the National Geographic Society, the scientist served as the second president of the publication, thus having a strong influence on the magazine.

The first experimentation with sound as encouraged by a loving father took place while the Bell children were quite young. For, it was this father who took two sons on the journey of a lifetime. When, in 1863, the three attended an exhibition which included a working "mechanical man." A model which included a simulated human voice that could talk to those attending the exhibit. After which, the two boys then created an Automaton in the garage of the family home, a project that would later lead to the first working telephone as a communications device.

The replica looked like a man made out of metal and had a simulated human voice just like the one at the exhibit. It was at this moment that Alexander and brother, Melville decided to become scientists. After which, Alexander met his wife and began research on hearing devices and other communications oriented systems. It was this research that would later provide Mr. Bell with the first United States patent for the first working model of a telephone.

Meet Trouve, the Bell family dog. Trouve assisted in the research and development of the telephone. For, if Alexander had not used Trouve in experimentation and research, sound transmission and other processes might have never been developed. As such, without help from the family dog, Mr. Bell might have never been granted a U. S. Patent for the first working model of a two way communications device.

The objective was to create a device over which sound waves could be transmitted in either direction. After which, there was more research and development into the design. For, a person on one end needed to speak into a microphone while the other needed to hear. As a result, the mouth and ear design on traditional telephones with a rotary dialing system became quite popular over the years.

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