Discovering A Bipolar Romance Novel Biography

By Donald Anderson

Sometimes people can be great writers without evening knowing. One genre in which is the case is that of the bipolar romance novel biography. For, those with this mental disorder often know how to create and develop characters with these traits better than most.

Whether developing a character trait based on reality or fiction, most often at least one reader will relate to the main character. As a result, many authors working in this realm not only entertain but provide help to readers by creating characters with which one can relate. Most often, novelists write from some aspect of personal experience whether effected by mental illness or otherwise.

Writing from experience can often be easier than creating fiction. Although, at times it can be far more difficult when dealing with an ongoing mental illness. For, if not written in a clear, concise manner, these writings can often have little to no impact on readership.

While some writers experiencing these conditions first-hand wish to place publications on the open market, others prefer to be more selective. As such, there are often more fictional books in stores. Whereas, writings based on fact are often more prominent in medical clinics and health oriented markets. Whatever the case, it is important to get the word out by also placing them in online markets such as Amazon Kindle and others.

It appears society is at time when mental illness is at the forefront of discussion like never before. Whether these discussions are born out of mass shootings, domestic abuse or sexual assault, generally some type of mental disorder plays an aspect in these and other crimes. Sadly, this reality has now impacted many suffering from mental illness on a number of levels.

A good example of treating people as part of a group rather than an individual is the new push to take weapons away from the mentally ill. While there are some severe cases, most often these individuals pose no threat of harm or violence. As such, it is important not to believe that just because someone with the same or similar condition committed one of these acts, that anyone experiencing the same symptoms will do so.

A number of bipolar oriented novelists now create various characters out of personal history or knowledge. These characters often present symptoms of different disorders. In order to help characters as well as readers, there are often drugs, counseling and treatment included in these publications. While this is the case, individuals need always check with a health care provider before beginning any such regiment.

Locating good books on this topic can often be difficult. There are now two websites which can make the search easier. Individuals can now peruse the Amazon website for e-books, paperbacks and hard backs in this genre. Whereas, readers can also peruse the goodreads website for information on various titles along with reviews and other related information.

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