Aspects Leading To The Prevalence Of Abdominal Pain

By Nancy Edwards

Many people tend to experience stomach discomfort. The intensity of the pain dictates whether home remedies can be used, or an individual must visit a health Centre for specialized treatment. The common reasons behind an abdominal pain, are quite many. The majority of these causes, mainly emanate from living habits. This article presents some of the causes of gut pains.

Weight gain is a probable factor leading to intestinal distress. A person who is overweight has got plenty of cholesterol and calcium deposits within his or her body. As a result, pressure is piled around the intestinal lining. By so doing, the person always feels bloated and is uncomfortable for most periods. Therefore, weight needs to be shed off through an adjustment of dietary intake tendency.

Stress negatively affects the proper functioning of the body. Adnominal troubles are also as a result of stress. A stressful event leads to the production of excess stress hormones. In the course of their release, the belly walls begin to contract. The same goes for the small intestines, and a lot of pain is experienced. Therefore, one ought to engage in activities geared towards relieving stress. Examples of such activities include swimming and meditation.

Lactose intolerance is also a contributor of abdominal pains. This implies that the digestive system of a person encounters trouble when it comes to digestion of lactose. Lactose is evident mainly in dairy products. Estimates indicate that several women experience this problem, and some of them are not aware. If an individual suspects that he or she is lactose intolerant, undertaking a medical test is the right thing to do.

The other cause of gastrointestinal discomfort is the sensitivity towards gluten-rich products. Some of the foodstuffs include wheat and barley. Their consumption results into production of an immune reaction. After that, antibodies will also be released and in turn attack villi evident in the ileum. Villi is responsible for absorption of mineral salts. Their attack leads to abdominal discomfort. Individual with gluten intolerance have a need to keep off products, which contain it.

The other cause of abdominal distress is constipation. Constipation is noted if an individual exhibits difficulty in removal of waste products of digestion. Such an individual more often than not exhibits fewer bowel movements. Lifestyle alterations comes a long way in reduction of constipation. For instance, one has to take in fiber-rich foods. One can also use laxatives for the same purpose.

Beginning of menstrual cycle is also witnessed by abdominal cramps. The intensity of such pains, however, vary from one individual to another. Others living in Greenbelt MD, experience it severely whereas, for their counterparts, the pains are just mild. It is recommended that women cease using tobacco and alcohol, in a bid to scale down the intensity of cramps.

Individuals who entirely rely on pharmacy drugs experience cramps. This is because the painkillers contain plenty of acids, which end up accumulating in the stomach. The resulting effect is a contraction. In this regard, one needs to consider going for checkpoint instead of using painkillers. The information provided above, if held in high regards, would help the locals of Greenbelt MD, in controlling stomach pains.

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