An Insight Into The Hot Air Balloon Rides Colorado

By Jeffrey Watson

There are just not enough words that can be used to describe even a one-minute airborne. I am referring to the spectacular view that one captures while on one of the hot air balloon rides Colorado. It is so amazing how a person can see the entire county of Douglas as it unfolds across the eyes. Putting everything into perspective, you may discover how the earth can be so calm. Everyone lives to remember such encounters with such nostalgia.

The origin of modern airships we see can be traced back to the 17th century. Thanks to one man De Rozier for his great job. The scientist's prototype was on air for fifteen minutes before it crashed. It was reported that none of these passengers came out with severe damages, although given a chance you cannot have the slightest idea who they were. There was a sheep, a cock and a bat. Such a brilliant man indeed. This was recorded as the first form of technology which could take humans on air.

The way this hot airship works is a combination of science and nature which gives the experience of the trip. It is made up of three main parts; the basket or the gondola, the burner and the envelope. The following are the elements that will give a basic knowledge on the same.

There is an opening on the side of this basket where the passengers and the pilot enter it through. They then stand there throughout the flight. The fuel or gas tank, often containing propane is also located there. They are of various size depending on the function of the airbag. For private fights, the small sized are used while the commercial ones are meant to be much larger for a bigger holding capacity.

At the top of the basket is the burner. The combustion of the fuel takes place in this location. The propane is burnt to generate the heat that controls the motion of this ship. The burner is fitted with regulators that the pilot has access to. Its capacity varies with the size of airbag. The commercial ones are fitted with multiple burners so that it can have a much quicker response to heat.

The envelope is made of nylon panels or the gores. It is the actual balloon. It expands towards the top and tapers towards the bottom. The top has silicone coating to protect against excess heat and the possible fungi or mould growth. The skirt is made of a fire resistant material, often Nomex. Various cords, rope or cables enable the pilot to control it.

The length of time for an average flight varies depending on many factors. Wind speed is the most important. If the atmosphere is calm, the distance is shorter than if there is a moderately high wind speed. However, for strong winds, there is a high risk. Therefore, the pilots are advised against taking off. The small sized balloons also fly for shorter distances while for the larger ones you are in for a treat.

The next time you want to fly do not forget to carry sunglasses, cameras, an adventurous spirit and most important an empty bladder. Cheers!

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