Affordable Weddings Are Possible With Elopement Packages In New Orleans

By Daniel Stewart

There are a few cities in this world that just stand out. They are unique, and on many people's lists of places that have to be seen to be properly appreciated. New Orleans is one of those cities. It has extraordinary beauty and a fragile ecosystem that makes it special. Having a good time here seems to be a requirement. The food, the music, and the variety of nightlife lends itself to the party atmosphere. These are some of the reasons that elopement packages in New Orleans have become so popular.

Eloping may conjure pictures of two people running off in the middle of night trying to find a justice of the peace who will agree to marry them. This is no longer the case. Young couples and more mature ones can find planning a large event too stressful and time consuming. The idea of opting for a small, personal, but beautiful ceremony in one of the greatest cities on the planet can be very attractive.

One of the first things to get out of control can be the cost of your special day. An extravagant wedding with designer dresses, multiple bridesmaids, and custom flowers can end up costing hundred of thousands of dollars. Not everyone has this kind of money to spend, and not everyone wants to go into debt to pay for elaborate nuptials.

Guest lists can be problematic as you try to decide who has to be invited and who can be bypassed. These lists tend to get bigger as the planning goes on. Some people will be offended if you bar children from the nuptials. Guests may bring their little ones whether they are invited or not.

Sometimes people find themselves in a situation where they are trying to please everyone else instead of keeping their wants and needs front and center. Young couples especially seem to fall prey to older individuals who think they have experience with these types of occasions and want to take over. Opting for an elopement can make you feel like you have taken back control of the situation.

These days a reception almost seems to be a requirement. People just assume that they are invited to a big party after the nuptials where they feel free to eat, drink, party and play to their hearts' content. This party can end up being a huge expense. It may be a lot of fun and something you really want to do, but you should consider your options.

Some people would love to have a destination wedding, but it just not feasible for many. You may not be able to afford to pay for your guests' airfare and accommodations, and they may not be able to manage it on their own. By eloping you can have a destination wedding just as a couple or with a few close friends or relatives in attendance.

A wedding should be special for the two people who are joining their lives together. Choosing to celebrate the occasion in a small, intimate way can be more meaningful than an elaborate affair, especially if you decide to celebrate it one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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