7 Unforgettable Things To Do In Rome

By Carolyn Williams

Rome is the one destination that will present something fresh every time you visit. It offers something for intellectuals, tourists, history lovers, diners and every other person regardless of your travel intentions. Among the thousands of things to do in Rome, here are the unforgettable ones. They will always stand out in your life and mind.

The Roman Forum was a masterpiece in residential planning. It also captures the history of Roman empire and has been regarded as a defining iconic structure that has stood the centuries of existence. Some of the most amazing attractions within this area are the Trajan Column, Circus Maximus, and Arch of Titus.

A visit to the Colosseum will take you back to 80 AD. This structure has a long and bloody history that will unfold in minutes. It is the venue that hosted animal fights and gladiatorial combats. As the largest amphitheater of the Roman Empire, it was believed to host over 50,000 people. This site attracts over four million visitors annually.

The name Pantheon suggests a temple for all gods. However, it was turned into a burial place for iconic Roman Empire kings. The one-time largest doom in the world took ten years to complete, having started in 118AD and been completed in 128AD. Architects allover the world pay homage to the structure since it is considered the most perfect architectural piece. It also holds the tag for the best preserved Roman Empire structure.

Pizza Navona is a collection of souvenir shops, restaurants and gelaterias. The oval shaped magnificent public space in Rome is also home to Museo di Roma. It displays the finest Baroque art and features large sculptures representing the four largest rivers on earth. The street also hosts the majestic Santa Maria della Pace church. There are excellent restaurants to enjoy the best of Italian Wine.

Vatican City stands as an architectural piece that has stood the test of time. Bernini designed it in the shape of an embracing hand. Though thought to be exclusive to Catholics, it is open to all and hosts enlightening history of the world and church. Among the other attractions to the city are old master paintings, antique structures and Raphaels Rooms. You also have a chance to visit the Castle SantAngelo, the place popes hid during attacks.

The illustrious Spanish Steps form part of the legendary Via dei Condotti shopping district. This is your gate to Trinita dei Monti church with a fish shaped fountain as the usher. Bernini, the designer of Vatican City designed the fountain. This is a lane dotted with history and a museum that is off the radar.

The Trevi Fountain will remain as one of the most memorable places to visit in Rome. It is a fountain with a legend stating that every coin you throw into the pool translates into another chance to visit the city. This explains why millions visit throughout the year, with crowds milling around the fountain during the day. This makes late evenings and early mornings the best moments to visit. The statues are guarded by tritons. Whenever you visit the area, carry a few coins. You never know what will happen.

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